Photo of the Morning: 1.20.12

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Feature Of the Morning

They’re coming by *aL-baum on deviantART.

Feature of the morning by aL-baum on deviantArt. Plastic cameras have always interested me as a photographer. Their light leaks and other ‘flaws’ truly make the photo breathtakingly beautiful. aL-baum’s “They’re Coming” is a prime example of this and I wanted to feature it this morning. 😀


SOPA + PIPA Image, Thank you from Weise Studios

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January 18th I submitted a familiar photo to wordpress because I couldn’t figure out how to shut down my wordpress account for the day. So instead I uploaded a single photo which resulted in nearly 2000 views on the 18th and near 300 views on the 19th.

I was utterly shocked by this to say the very least. That being said; lets continue to do our part! Lets wipe SOPA and PIPA from the desks of the politicians! Tell them we do not want their “soup” and “garbage”!

To learn more and contact your political individuals please visit:


California Conventions Blog: My Hotel Troubles: Radisson/Woodlake

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California Conventions Blog: My Hotel Troubles: Radisson/Woodlake.

Usually I don’t really post things that aren’t related to photography in some way. However, this cannot go without being told to everyone. Please read Mr. Pleasant’s situation with the “Woodlake”/”Radisson” hotel in Sacramento California. Please share this, tweet it, tumblr it, whatever you guys have to do. This type of harassment should not be allowed!!


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SOPA STRIKE – Largest online protest in history – January 18 – blackout your site

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SOPA STRIKE – Largest online protest in history – January 18 – blackout your site.

Stratocaster Series: Cont.

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Almost finished this series and I wanted to share the two to last images with everyone before I post them all in a single blog. 🙂

Photo of the Night: 1.13.12 *Special*

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Tonight’s feature comes from an unconventional method of “photography”.

Mr. Duncan Harris is what one would call a game-photographer. He takes landscape portraits of the games that he is currently playing. Many of his beautiful “photography” shots come from StarTrek Online, Skyrim, and various other games.

Who knew that such beautiful artwork/”photography” could be had within a game!

You can see more of his stuff here: