Dreamlike Photo Manipulations of Earth and the Starry Night Sky

Dreamlike Photo Manipulations of Earth and the Starry Night Sky.

From petapixel I stumbled on a very interesting article of a fantasy quality. While I am a huge fan of astrophotography and manipulation of photos for a fantasy feel; I am not hugely impressed with some of the “photos” that were created. Most of them I find whimsical and very lovely.

However there are a couple that I do feel  are lacking. The planets on one or two of them that are within the skyscape do not look physically possible. While some may argue that this is the entire reason; I will say that even within fantasy and science fiction there is a line one does not cross. Generally it falls into the table of physics, especially when it comes with a nearby planet.

That also being said; I pose a question to you all; When does photography fall out of the realm of photography and into something else? One can easily say that these are photo manipulations; and leave it at that. However I dare say that these are no longer anything photographic at all and are more-so “Digital Art”. Anyone agree or disagree? Feel free to comment below.


Photo from Petapixel


~ by Weise Studios on December 29, 2011.

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