New Years Resolution pt.1

One of my first images taken with my Canon T2i.


Procrastination is never Key. 


That being said, I’ve pretty much failed to get my resolutions up as I was originally hoping in a timely manner. However; I have kept up with them, I just haven’t written this lengthy blog- that I am doing in two parts.


The reason for this is because I plan on explaining what those resolutions are within this blog which will include quite a bit of text. And the second half will involve showing pictures from 2010 till now showing my progress as a photographer, 12 of these to be exact to coincide with the year 2012.


Below is one of the first images I shot with my T2i, and while it is very clearly unfocused, obnoxious and badly positioned, I still love the image.


That being said; here are the following 5 resolutions I have set for myself. I may add more.


1. Photograph, process and post 1 photograph daily.


1a.) Created with the help of Rave2theJ; “New Photo Daily”; you can find the links below.


1b.) Within my 1-photo a day I have decided to go further and focus upon 1 subject a week and     photograph this subject 7 different ways to create series rather than a random image.


New Photo Daily: is a site that Jace (Rave2theJ Photography) and I have created to stimulate our photographic minds. The entire idea behind NPD is to push ourselves as photographers, to create images that are better each time, each day, no matter the weather or situation. It stemmed from the fact that Jace and I wish to better ourselves as photographers and want to crack down upon our photography this upcoming year.


2. Get a Smugmug. 


2a.) Upload my image base which has thousands of images upon images for cloud-backup.


2b.) Start offering prints and services on smugmug.


2c.) Join the communities there.


Smugmug: is a site that I was recommended to by various photographers. Apparently the community is great and smugmug has proved to help with money on the side. Considering I am a student, extra money to help with tuition and transportation is always important. It is a very helpful site that holds all of your photos in various albums. I intend on pretty much making smugmug my online portfolio.


Check out some awesome photographers who I know that use smugmug!:


3. Putting my all into photography. Stop being over critical.


3a.) As of last semester I felt very un-inspired because all of my grades were top of their class and I didn’t feel like I was pushing myself to receive these grades. As if I did not deserve them. And because of this my intention is to push myself forward.


3b.) Which leads me to; stop beating myself up about my photography. Do my best and that’s all that I can do. Stop comparing myself to other photographers.


3c.) Apply to every photography position that I find no matter of requirement-of-skill.


4. Use my umbrella set from Cowboy Studios and learn all that I can about portable lighting. 


4a.) While I have used profoto packs I have yet to really learn how to use an off camera flash. I will be doing this and experimenting along the way.


5.) Keep up with this blog and other sites!


5a.) I am notoriously bad for keeping up with blogs and other sites. I frankly don’t like blogging. But I feel that I need to get into this for both networking and putting my photography out there.


That all being said, thank you all very much for reading my blog and I hope that I get to know you all more in the future!


Also; share your resolutions with me! I’d love to hear them.


Pt.2 will be posted over the next couple of days, please stay tuned.


~ by Weise Studios on January 8, 2012.

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