GWC Chart by `Pelicanh on deviantART


Now while I love Pelicanh’s artwork, I will say that this frustrated me just a bit. I shoot with a T2i, I’m learning, I’m a college student. And I’m certainly NOT a “Guy With Camera” I’m not even a Guy! I found it really offensive to be honest. Especially with the fact that the T2i has been an amazing camera for me and is an extremely good Rebel camera. I’m sorry if I don’t have the money to shell out near 2k for your elite cameras, but I considered the price and found it to be darn good. Yes I am aware that it is not a professional camera, but it is a step-into-the-doorway and a good first dslr.

The price of a camera should NEVER dictate to who is a good photographer and who is not. It bothers me a great deal when people circle-jerk and look down upon other people’s gear. The Camera Wars are one thing but really getting down to the “My photos are better than yours because my gear is awesome and yours is not!” is sickening. And I won’t lie this repulsed me a little, and I think I lost a lot of respect for this artist. This chart truly spreads fear and smears the name of photographers who use these lower cameras, especially those who are students. While GWCs sometimes do use lower grade cameras they also use higher end cameras, I have seen it. And this is truly a chart that is not 100% accurate and thus spreads fear and concern.

However I am aware of the point that he is trying to make. I just seriously think that he could have gone about this an entirely different way. Especially with the artist comments such as: “If you are a model who just wants to hang out and play model with a guy with a camera who wants to hang out and play photographer, please disregard this chart.” and “. If you are a model wanting professional photographs DO NOT bother with a photographer who uses anything less than what is indicated on the chart.” came off very egotistical and I think that’s what bothered the most.

Having an entry level DSLR does NOT make you a GWC!!!

In any case I’ll be updating my blog later with a post about LightRoom 4, and most likely this post will be deleted after I calm down a bit. I hope you stay tuned for my review on the new beta!


GWC Chart by `Pelicanh on deviantART.


~ by Weise Studios on January 11, 2012.

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