The Author of SOPA Is a Copyright Violator | VICE

While I do not really want to bring politics into my blog. I found this on a friend’s facebook.

It would appear that Mr. Lamar Smith, the author of SOPA (for those of you don’t know its’ the copyright bill currently being considered) has stolen a photographer’s beautiful artwork on his website.

The website/blogsite writer from contacted DJ Schulte, the owner of said photography piece, and found out that DJ did not give permission afterall. (DJ has a clause in his work saying the following:

“I switched my images from traditional copyright protection to be protected under the Creative Commons license a few years ago, which simply states that they can use my images as long as they attribute the image to me and do not use it for commercial purposes.”

DJ went further to say; “I do not see anywhere on the screen capture that you have provided that the image was attributed to the source (me). So my conclusion would be that Lamar Smith’s organization did improperly use my image. So according to the SOPA bill, should it pass, maybe I could petition the court to take action against”

This being said, I love it when politicians are hypocritical and then get caught on it, especially when they’re doing something illegal. I hope Mr. Schulte gets retribution on this.

You can find Lamar’s works of art here:

Original Article: The Author of SOPA Is a Copyright Violator | VICE.


~ by Weise Studios on January 12, 2012.

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